Carbon Copy

Carbon Copy 1.2.4

The Carbon Copy plugin allows you to duplicate ClassicPress posts, pages, and custom post type items with a single click. This can be extremely handy for copying complex layouts from one post to another. It also makes quick work of duplicating custom post type items which often have lots of tedious input fields that are duplicated from one post to the next. This plugin will save more time than you even imagine.

Complete Duplication

Duplicating a ClassicPress post or page is great, but, what about duplicating the item’s metadata? Or, how about duplicating the item’s taxonomy data? No worries! The Carbon Copy plugin duplicates both the taxonomy and meta data associated with the item you’re copying. It also duplicates the excerpt, any custom fields, and even the comment and trackback settings to the new item.


  1. Navigate to the admin page for your posts, pages, or any custom post type.
  2. Hover any row to reveal the “Duplicate” link.


  1. From an edit screen, click the “Duplicate” button.